Our range of vehicle stock funding facilities is aimed to assist you the dealer grow your business to the next level.

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All of our three initial finance options have simple fee structures, allowing you to purchase from any recognised source (paying hammer price plus any fees), have fast pay-outs and allow for stock part exchanges and stocking for up to 225 days (although fees apply). For purchase made outside of auction (private or trade etc), we will fund up to 100% of CAP clean price.

Aimed at newer entrants to the market. Flexi-start up is an alternative, simple funding option. It results in easier, flexible stock control tailored to your requirements.

For dealers with a good track record, maximum vehicle purchase price £15,000 and initial maximum facility £100,000.

For qualifying dealers wanting higher purchasing power (up to £20,000 per car). Current maximum facility per dealership £200,000.

About Us

Forecourt Funding is managed by a team of individuals with extensive and varied experience within the motor trade. Our aim is to provide a more personal and bespoke service than that which is currently available within the market and ultimately to help you, the dealer, grow your business, ease your cashflow and improve your profile.

At Forecourt Funding we are passionate about providing a high quality, flexible service to our dealer partners. We appreciate each business is different with differing needs and requirements. As such, our highly experienced team specialise in providing a personalised approach to each relationship to ensure you get the support your business requires

Richard Moore, Director

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Due to unprecedented demand and interest in our products, we are currently unable to welcome new clients. We are actively expanding all elements of our business to satisfy demand, and we appreciate your patience while this is implemented. If you would like to hear from us once changes have been made, please complete our ‘Pledge Interest’ form below to ensure that we are in contact with you at the earliest opportunity.

On behalf of the whole Forecourt Funding Team, thank you to our existing and future clients for your patience while we grow!

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